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Pasadena Media Foundation

We are building a sustainable financial future for Pasadena-area news and information organizations, which are essential for democracy to function, and to promote high-quality local journalism within the community. See our partnership with the Pasadena Media Foundation by clicking on the image above.

Expungement Program

Our prisons are filled with BIPOC men and women.  While America has 2% of the world’s population, we have 20% of the world’s incarcerated people.  Thirty-eight percent of those incarcerated are black.  A conviction can limit employment, housing, education, and immigration opportunities. We can help expunge non-violent criminal records and provide education for jobs readiness and employment with our partners at Pasadena Community Coalition. Click on the image above to start your application.  Click here to read about our position on expungement. 


Food Program

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